Wooden Shutters & Window Coverings Available in Sooke

From Forest to Finish
Add beauty and value to your home. Warburton Woodworks can do just that with our custom wooden shutters. Well-crafted and created from the exact wood or log of your choosing, our shutters and window coverings can be made to match the style of your home.

Since our shutters are made by us, right here in Sooke, we are able to make them custom for any size or shape of window. We will measure the window to ensure a perfect fit, design your custom shutters suited specifically to your home and even install the finished product. Our beautiful, unique window coverings and shutters not only add style and elegance to your home, but also can provide great insulation and noise reduction. Wood is not luminescent and is effective at blocking out light, all while looking great.

Learn more about the options we have for wooden shutters and window coverings by stopping by our lumberyard. We offer our customers the opportunity to choose the wood we will use to create their products. Also, feel free to call us today to receive a quote.