Our Story

Our Story

From Falling to Processing to Woodworking

"My love for timber resulted in one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever undertaken"

Mike Warburton started his career as a West Coast Tree faller 36 years ago. He thrived on his passion, until his dreams were crushed in a helicopter crash in 1981.

He settled in Sooke and got involved in a small milling business to stay connected and regain his health. After learning and gaining experience, Mike bought the place in 2001 and invested in new equipment. Sawmilling became another passion. With 42 acres of property, Mike realized the potential of his property and refurbished a 40,000 square foot barn into a heavy duty, industrial, multipurpose building.

In 2010, Mike set up a modern, industrial size, wood workshop with industrial grade equipment. From this time on Warburton Woodworks was able to meet its customer’s needs with all sorts of custom requests.

In 2017, Mike again invested by introducing a state-of-the-art moulder and a kiln.

Today, Warburton Woodworks offers a full circle of customer service including falling trees, custom sawmilling, custom moulding and custom woodworking.

We are proud to employ more than 6 employees who have worked with us for 16 years and more years to come.

Mike Warburton - Our Owner

From home builders to furniture craftsman, we offer service and selection for large and small projects. Our equipment includes a 6” double cut saw mill for a smooth and accurate finish as well as a Wood-Mizer saw. With quality control and grading that exceeds industry standards we seek to be the best at what we do.

Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM / Sunday: Closed

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